The Best Italian Restaurant in Valencia

There is an ancient tradition in Italy: the old eating houses called “trattoria”. A cult sites for provident voyagers that are looking for refuge and the family heat typical of these small restaurants. We are inspired at Lambrusqueria to these little hash houses that offer great masterpieces of freshness and simplicity for a small price.

Behind every “trattoria” there is the figure of the host. A figure never overpowering and very descreet. A man every time ready to start a pleasant conversation and to discuss the public virtue of every rich wine.


Pane, vino e fantasia


Salads and Vegetables

The water treasure of the North and the sunny heat of the South are the responsible of the great variety of vegetable in Italy.


Cheese and Cold Meat

The Alps are around the North of “Bel Paese”. In these valley the tradition of cow milk cheese (fontina, taleggio, bitto) has growth. But it’s not all: there are the provola and other well known cheeses like Parmesan born in the foggy northern prairie near the Po river. In the centre of Italy are the sheep and the goat the protagonists on the table. Near Caserta we will find the “Bufala”, the mother of all mozzarellas. Now these genuine products are well known worldwide.


Its said that was Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler, who introduced the pasta to Italy. For Italians, pasta is a poetry.

Strozzapreti is a typical hand rolled pasta from the region of “Emilia Romana”.

The explanation for the name Strozzapreti (“priest-choker” in italian) refers to the azdora (housewife) who “chokes” the dought strips to give its original shape. “…in that particular moment, we would presume that azdora express such rage to be able to choke a priest!”

Trofie is a traditional pasta from Ligure, known by its peculiar twisted shape.

In the past Ligurian women used to prepare Trofies at home, adn its name prefers to the specific hand required to produce this kind of pasta.

pasta 2


From the green pasture of the Padana praire to the coldest zone of north east the tradition of red and white meat and it’s great red wines.

Italian desserts

Some italian ancient tradicional recipes from Piemonte Valley. A wise heredity of taste for your palate.